Company Cronicle

18.05.1898 Founding of the company by Painter Wilhelm Wittig
20.01.1928 After his death, his wife took over business
01.03.1936 Son Paul Wittig and his wife took over business
01.03.1947 After the war, rebuilding oft he compay began
01.07.1950 Additional office-space is being build
15.03.1956 Karl-Ernst Wittig took over the business in the 3rd generation
21.03.1956 first company owned building becomes new headquarters of Wittig
01.04.1957 Wilhelm-Otto Wittig joins Karl-Ernst in management position
01.01.1974 both sons rename the company Wittig oHG
01.01.1976 the company buys another company named WINTRANS-Tochter Kraft Schiffsbedarf/Technischer Handel
01.04.1984 the first IT is installed (Nixdorf 8870 M 55)
02.05.1984 Building oft he new company building at Max-Peters-Straße began
15.12.1984 The company moves into the new building
11.01.1985 festive opening ceremony of the new building
12.10.1990 Karl-Ernst Wittig and his sons found DSG - Deutsche Schiffsausrüstung GmbH to expand business in the new states of germany
01.01.1991 DSG officially opens in Berlin
01.10.1991 the 4th Wittig generation joins in form of the sons Frank and Ralf
31.12.1991 Wilhelm-Otto Wittig leaves the company
01.01.1992 Karl-Ernst Wittig and his wife Ursula resume management of the company
06.08.1993 the SVZ-Berlin (Schiffs-Versorgungs-Zentrum) opens with the christening of push-barging boat „DSG-Berlin”
03.12.1993 the SVZ-Magdeburg (Schiffs-Versorgungs-Zentrum) opens with the christening of push-barging boat „DSG-Magdeburg”
01.02.1995 Karl-Ernst Wittig buys the company Schneider
01.01.1997 Foundation of the branch company ScheGro B.V.
18.05.1998 100 years of WITTIG – Duisburg
18.05.1998 the sons Frank and Ralf Wittig become managers
01.01.2002 Wittig GmbH takes over all business activities with Frank and Ralf Wittig as CEO
01.01.2003 Foundation of E & W Yachting GmbH
01.01.2005 Meuthen GmbH is being bought
01.08.2005 SVZ Schiffahrtsversorgungszentrum Wien opens in Vienna
01.01.2008 Foundation of bps Behrendt Personalservice GmbH
01.04.2016 Peter Stemmer is granted procuration
09.03.2017 building application oft he new building is submitted