Work Safety and Firefighting equipment

Work Safety

Eye protection
Protection against dust particles and liquids.

Foot protection
Protection against bruises and sprains, against ankle injuries and twists. Protection against cold temperatures. Safety Shoes are DIN EN 345-1/ EN ISO 20345 approved, with steel caps that can withstand at least 200 Joule of stress.

Hand Protection
Protection against mechanical, liquid or solid stress.
5-Finger gloves, Acidproven gloves DIN 4841, latex gloves with cotton-stuffing, household gloves

Head Protection
Protection against falling objects.
Hard hat DIN 4840, adjustable to all head sizes. Available in yellow, white, blue ans orange. Fitting Ear protection with formidable sound dampening.
Ear plugs, comfortable to wear.
Accessories: Deflectorshield, Ear protection holder, eye protection holder, leather chinstraps, etc.
Body protection
Protection against solid and liquid substances. Good visibility through reflecting aplications. Working jackets, Working pants, Working suits, Multinorm standard clothing and Workwear according to EN 531, EN 13401 and EN 14106-6. And many more…

Weather protection
Protection against wetness and coldness.



Firefighting equipment

Firefighting hose with C-Coupling

Fire extinguisher
For different fields of application and in different sizes

Hose-couplings for different fields of application, pressure couplings, suction couplings, solid couplings, blind couplings, etc.

For firefighting, for cleaning and for household use.

Standpipe and accessoires
For hydrants, ins different designs
Firefighting axe
DIN 14900, length: 90 cm, isolated and non-isolated version